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Aug 5, 2007 - start of Hot August Nights

At the beginning of the Hot August Nights gathering in Reno, they put on a show at the Plaza. It started out with a "fashion show" of some of the Playa (Burning Man) outfits, and many members of the audience got up to dance with them. The first pictures here are of the "fashion show," since it did lead into the CB event, even though it's a separate group.

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  • 2015-Dec-16 10:41:43 IMG_0798
    Joshua said: We have Blue Nile on our go-to list, but have been putting it on the back buenrr in favor of lesser-known restaurants for the time being. We have posted on, and have a post on Selam in the works. Abyssinia Cafe is another one on the list. Do you know of any other Ethiopian restaurants?
  • 2015-Dec-16 10:05:09 IMG_1401
    Ruth said: We were talking about La Famosa on the Alt Eats food tour the other night and I wtaned to let you know that we drove by tonight and they have a sign on their door saying that they are closed for remodeling but will reopen soon. They did have the lights and TV on so they may have even been working tonight.
  • 2007-Aug-09 21:04:55 David Guntner Photography
    Goddess Donna said: Aah-some
    Thank you David! I love the photos. What a great event and marvelous memories. mmmmwah!
  • 2007-Aug-01 14:19:28 David Guntner Photography
    Gemini said: Awww....
    Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely and (almost) complete chronicle of the day at the DDDF! It's great to have had so many memories to see here. The festival was fun, and that can be ascertained from your awesome photos!

    Thanks and much love,
  • 2007-Jul-30 01:35:52 David Guntner Photography
    David Guntner said: Thanks!
    Thanks for the information, Erika! That pic has been updated with their names.
  • 2007-Jul-29 13:32:34 IMG_0796
    ooooh i like said: email
    could you email this one too